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I was leading a three-ring circus lifestyle, and honestly, I was a one-ring person.


I was disappearing. Three baby boys. A wildly busy household. A very-paused career.


The slow erosion of what was once my center.


“I can pull this off,” I thought. “Like that magic trick where you yank the tablecloth, and every fork, glass, plate, and centerpiece stays in place.”

I did not pull it off. And most everything that could crash crashed. Mental health. Identity. Purpose. Perspectives. Values.


Me. Who and what I was. 

My story
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Amid the turmoil, on a winter day, as thick snowflakes stuck to a front picture window, a friend looked at me, “You’re really interesting. You’ve done some pretty amazing things." he said. "You could write about all this. A book.” 

"You've done some pretty amazing things" he said.


My mouth slacked open. Wide open. So wide it could have fogged up that entire window.


Whom was he talking about?  Me?



“Nope,” I said. “ Uh -uh. I feel like I’ve been living in a cave for the last 12 years.”


I fought the friend’s statement that January day. I did. I really tried.


But something stirred, and I went home and wrote and wrote and kept on writing. 


A vision started to emerge.

Slowly, in the shadows at first, the healing started.


Then it came in fuller dimensions and colors.


There was a nudge, a still small voice….”There’s more; there’s more.” More to my story, how it can (and continues to) change, grow, and me with it.  I accepted the invitation and began processing, and writing about loss, pain, trauma, depression, anxiety, and a once-terrified small, small girl. 


A vision started to emerge...

My old storyline was exposed, disposed of, and replaced. 


I gave up the lies I held and traded them for greater truths.

Something bad is going to happen… 

God relentlessly pursues me because I am well, well-loved...therefore I am safe and can always come home.


My last 30-plus years are like diamonds--acres of them--in my own backyard, in me.


All my writing, producing, reporting,  anchoring, hosting, interviewing, creating, serving, parenting…loving.


It’s rich—all of it. Nothing wasted.




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