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What  is

Holistic pioneers and waymakers are confirming what our ancestors knew long ago as they gathered around nighttime fires and etched and sketched on cave walls and stone tablets: 

That writing and storytelling are




 + restorative! 

As a Holistic Story Coach, Elizabeth will work with ALL of you.

Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Using her proven E3 method, Elizabeth supports your story awakening adventure. She encourages you as you discover your hidden story, empowers you to put words to it, and helps you expand your confidence in voicing your story to those who will benefit the most from it. 

  \ hō-ˈli-stik\



: concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts


Holistic Story Coaching is a style of coaching that draws out a full and rich perspective on your story. It helps you release what no longer fits and supports you as you enjoy your new-found freedom and embrace the gift of your story.

Your new perspective will overflow into every part of your life.

It's a holistic change. 

Image by Jan Kahánek
Makes no assumptions or judgments.

 Holistic Story Coaching...

One that heals and redeems and awakens you.

Your story is your GIFT. 

 All of you.
And eventually others. 
So excited to work with you!
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