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Know who you are and you’re #1.

How do I know this?

I’ve worked for television stations and other businesses that were not #1. What was the biggest challenge of working for and with these companies? They did not know who they were. They were always on the lookout for the next trend. They hopped on. They followed. And never advanced.


When you work with me, we will be setting trends. Your following days are over.

Because of my personal and professional work, I have developed the gift and ability to help businesses create and express their identity.


Work with me and we will employ my E3 method of encouraging your mind, empowering your voice, and expanding your influence. We will explore the cornerstones of identity which will carve and craft your signature story. 



4 things feed your storyline: Your attitude, mindset, beliefs and your words. This is the essence of holistic storytelling. Working with me means we get your mental, emotional, and spiritual house in order so that you can go forth and be a good work and do good works!

***Image here of the WHO AM I artwork***


Do you want a stand-out message?

One that rises above the rest of the static and chatter?



I thought so.


Your next steps: 


#1 Decide:

Yes, you are ready to start!

We will begin with exploring the mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and words surrounding your business, your current message, your staff, your C-suite.


#2 Choose:

Yes, you are choosing to trust yourself, Elizabeth, and the E3 process.


#3 Tap—Yes! Start your story now. Tap the button.

-Fill out the brief questionnaire to help me offer a customized experience

-Schedule your no-cost  25 min Zoom/phone session with me


I am looking forward to hearing from you, and about your current story. Then we level up!


With Delight,



Elizabeth’s business topics :

*Storytelling for Influence

*Business Identity and Core Message

*Writing and Reflecting for Better Health and Wellness

*Mindfulness, Meditation and Somatic Work

*Emotional Well-being

*Communication Skills

*Navigating Change

*Overcoming Procrastination


*Leading Well


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